Sohan Khezr's background

By glancing at the history of traditional foods and sweets in different countries and nations especially Iran's one would find that the origin of most of them are herbal and medicinal. For example the main substance of Samanu (an Iranian sweet paste made entirely from germinated wheat) or Sohan (traditional Persian saffron brittle toffee) is wheat germ, and the main substance of Gaz (The sweet, milky sap) is gaz-angebin, Cotoneaster and Manna all of which are highly nutritious and useful.
As all of us know wheat germ is incredibly considered high nutrient meal. Due to the increasing usage of the wheat germ it has just been considered the quantitative aspect of this meal by artificial cultivation and unscientific process. Knowing this we invented a special and natural way of producing Sohan to maintain all the nutrients.
Though by doing a scientific research on natural cultivation and processing of wheat germ and construction of special stone based furnaces we decided to maintain all the nutrients of this meal in the format of Sohan. During this process the candy takes its sweetness from wheat germ and then a very small percentage of sugar added to the mixture just to enhance the crispiness of Sohan Khezr.
After eight years of research we proudly state that Sohan Khezr is the only candy produced of wheat germ.

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